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by design.

All things speak something of the hands that made them. Whether carved by haphazard force or crafted with intention, every interaction offers a glimpse.

And every glimpse, an opportunity to bridge distance, articulate, and connect with intention.

So, which path? Do we move, work, and create by design, or a series of reactions? Do our steps lead toward the future we want to see? Or somewhere else?

Let’s get to work creating
something .

Enough pontification? Who, you ask, is behind this fluff?

Brian von Schulz.

Creative / Designer / Art Director / Creative Director / Craftsman / Award Winner / Award Loser / Award Designer / Problem Solver / Refiner / Explorer / Writer / Communicator / Leader / Possible Conehead as a Child (fig. left)Ask me about any of it (except the conehead thing… you know as much as I do).

*Portfolio represents only a portion of work.

Let’s connect.